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Bait Fishing Bundle
Fishing Superstore AU

Bait Fishing Bundle

SKU: Baitfishing-bundle

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Suicide Hooks
Bean Sinkers
Gold Swivels
Monofilament Line 250m 12-15-25lb
Mustad Chem-Sharp Red Baitholder Hook

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Introducing the Bait Fishing Essentials Kit, a carefully selected bundle of essential gear for bait fishing enthusiasts. Whether you're targeting a variety of species, this bundle provides you with the necessary tools to effectively present bait and increase your chances of success. Let's explore the details of each item included in this fantastic bundle:

  1. 4" Bait Knife Eco: The 4" Bait Knife Eco is a reliable and practical tool for preparing bait on your fishing trips. This compact and lightweight knife features a sharp stainless steel blade that easily cuts through baitfish, squid, or other bait. The comfortable and textured handle provides a secure grip even when wet. With its compact size, the Bait Knife Eco is easy to carry and is a valuable addition to your bait fishing gear.

  2. Mustad Chem Sharp Red Baitholder Hooks: The Mustad Chem Sharp Red Baitholder Hooks are designed to securely hold bait in place and increase hook-up rates. These high-quality hooks feature barbs on the shank that keep bait from sliding off, ensuring your bait stays intact and appealing to fish. The chemically sharpened points offer excellent penetration and hook-setting power. With their red color, these hooks add an extra element of attraction to your bait presentation.

  3. Suicide Hooks: Suicide Hooks are versatile and effective hooks for bait fishing. Known for their wide gap and sharp points, these hooks provide excellent hook-setting capabilities and secure hookups. Their design ensures that bait is presented in a natural and enticing manner, increasing your chances of enticing fish to bite. Whether you're targeting a variety of species, the Suicide Hooks are a reliable choice for bait fishing success.

  4. Bean Sinkers: Bean Sinkers are classic sinkers that are essential for keeping your bait grounded and at the desired depth. Made from lead, these sinkers are designed to slide onto your fishing line easily and hold your bait in place. Their streamlined shape minimizes resistance in the water, allowing for natural bait presentation. The Bean Sinkers come in various weights, providing flexibility to adjust to different fishing conditions and depths.

  5. Gold Swivels: Gold Swivels are vital components for bait fishing rigs. These high-quality swivels help prevent line twist and allow for smooth movement of your bait in the water. The gold color adds an attractive element to your rigs, increasing their visual appeal. With their sturdy construction and reliable performance, the Gold Swivels ensure a hassle-free bait fishing experience.

  6. Monofilament Line (250m, 12-15-25lb): The Monofilament Line in this bundle is a durable and versatile fishing line suitable for bait fishing. With a length of 250 meters and available in 12, 15, or 25lb test strengths, this monofilament line provides excellent knot strength and abrasion resistance. Its low visibility in the water ensures that your bait presentation appears natural. The reliable performance of this monofilament line will give you the confidence to handle a variety of bait fishing situations.

The Bait Fishing Essentials Kit offers a comprehensive selection of gear to enhance your bait fishing experience. From preparing bait with the Bait Knife Eco to securely presenting bait with quality hooks, sinkers, swivels, and monofilament line, this bundle has you covered. Upgrade your bait fishing arsenal with this exceptional collection and enjoy more productive and enjoyable fishing sessions. Tight lines and happy bait fishing!

Bait Fishing Bundle