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Fishing Reels

Hate being stuck at work when the conditions are perfect and then come the weekend it all turns rubbish? We do too! But here at Fishing Superstore we like to use that time researching and finding new, interesting lures and fishing gear to fill your tackle box for when the time is right. At Fishing Superstore, we know that catching the right fish means having the right set up and some people forget that the reel can be one of the most important things to get right. Size makes a big difference when it comes to catching a fish with the smaller the number, the lighter the setup. So a 2000 reel set-up would be for catching small trout on a creek or bream in the river. A 4500 size, on the other hand, would be used for catching larger saltwater and freshwater fish because it is a much stronger set-up with a heavier drag limit. Discover our range of reels in different sizes to help you get the right set up for the right fish.

Frequently Asked Questions

It all depends on what fish you're wanting to catch! If you’re a keen bream angler, the 2000 or 2500 reel sizes are the go to as these have a smaller reel with a lesser drag rating. They allow you to feel the fight on an extra level, while also having the smaller spool allowing you to put a lighter, thinner line on and still get the same casting distance. If you're keen to chase flathead, tailor or smaller trevally, the 3000 or 3500 sized reels are the ones for you. A slightly larger version of the 2000 and 2500 size reels with a heavier drag limit incorporated with a larger spool, meaning you're able to apply a heavier, thicker line but still have the same length of line as you would on the 2000. Now if you're after chasing the bigger fish such as Barramundi, Jewfish (Mulloway) or even the smaller tuna up to a metre, the 4000 or 4500 is the ideal reel, again coming with a heavier drag and a larger spool. If you've ever caught a tuna you'll know they can pull some line, that's where the larger spool and heavier drag comes in handy as it allows you to have thicker, heavier line on the spool but still have the 100-300m line you need while a 5-10kg fish rips on your reel.

If you’re looking for reels for sale online, you first need to know what type of fishing you’re going to be doing and what kind of fish you're wanting to catch. Before you go spending hundreds on big name brands, try our range here at Fishing Superstore, where we have high quality reels for some of the best prices online. Choose from a range of sizes that will match what you're chasing. If you're wondering what size reel to get, think about it this way - the smaller the fish the smaller the number eg. 1000/2000 - whiting and small bream, 2000/3000 - bream and flathead then going into your higher number of 4000/4500 for your barra and jacks.