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Murray Cod Fishing Lures

Frequently Asked Questions

While different people might prefer different lures for catching Murray Cod, it is common to use the following lures:

  • Hard body lures
  • Spinnerbaits
  • Soft Plastics
  • Surface lures
  • Swimbaits

All of these are great for catching Murray Cod because they can be adjusted for different waters, environments, depths and fishing conditions. They feature snag resistance and realistic looks, both of which are important when it comes to catching Murray Cod.

It is common for anglers to use snaps with their Murray Cod lures. However some fishermen prefer not to, because most of the snaps do not survive the attacks of such a big fish as Murray Cod. If you want to use snaps with your Murray Cod lures, make sure that the snaps are of high-quality and are not easy to break.

⅝ oz lures are one of the most popular and versatile lures and can be used in almost any fishing situation. It is a staple lure size for fishing in rivers and creeks and catching bigger fish species. 

Rigging the lure for Murray Cod is not a complicated process. 

Let's go through the essentials step-by-step:

  1. Take your line and go with it straight through the sinker.
  2. Take the end of the line through the eyelet of the hook and make a blood knot. The number of turns depends on how thick your line is.
  3. Take the end of the line and go through the gap next to the hook.
  4. Pull the other end of the line down, until you have yourself a very tight knot.
  5. Trim the shorter end of the line, leaving approximately a centimetre.

During the Murray Cod season, almost any time of the day is a prime time for catching this fish. But the late afternoon is considered to be the best time for catching Murray Cod early in the season. The middle of the day is referred to as a less successful time for catching Murray Cod as they try to get away and hide from the sun, and reappear once the sun starts to descend.

While Murray Cod can be caught using lighter fishing equipment, it is better to opt for some heavier choices. A 6-10 baitcasting or spin rod, with a reel that can withstand approximately 7kg of drag pressure will be a good go-to choice for this big fish.