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Bream Bundle
Fishing Superstore AU

Bream Bundle

SKU: bream-bundle

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Shimmer Stik Stickbaits 60mm 5g
DeepTrix Painted Jig Heads 1-6oz 4pc
Sakana SD40F Crankbait
2" Curl Tail Grub Soft Plastic Lure 1.2g, 12pc
Cruncha Crab 45mm-70mm
Baby Yabby Soft Plastic 50mm 2.3g 10pc

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Introducing the Ultimate Bream Fishing Kit, a meticulously curated bundle of top-quality fishing gear designed to enhance your Bream fishing experience. Whether you're a seasoned angler or a beginner looking to target Bream, this bundle has everything you need to increase your chances of success. Let's dive into the details of each item included in this exceptional bundle:

  1. Shimmer Stik Stickbaits (60mm, 5g): The Shimmer Stik Stickbaits are highly effective lures for enticing Bream. Measuring 60mm in length and weighing 5g, these stickbaits mimic the appearance and movement of small baitfish, attracting the attention of Bream in both freshwater and saltwater environments. With their realistic finishes and enticing wobbling action, these lures are perfect for casting and retrieving to entice Bream to strike.

  2. 2" Curl Tail Grub Soft Plastic Lure (1.2g, 12pc): The 2" Curl Tail Grub Soft Plastic Lure is a versatile bait that can be rigged in multiple ways to target Bream. These 1.2g lures feature a curly tail design that creates enticing vibrations and movements in the water, triggering the predatory instincts of Bream. With its lifelike texture and vibrant colors, this soft plastic lure is a proven choice for enticing Bream bites.

  3. Baby Yabby Soft Plastic (50mm, 2.3g, 10pc): The Baby Yabby Soft Plastic is specifically designed to imitate the appearance and movement of a small yabby, a favorite food source for Bream. Measuring 50mm and weighing 2.3g, these soft plastics accurately replicate the shape, color, and movement of a real yabby, making them irresistible to Bream. Rig them on a jig head or drop shot rig for optimal presentation and watch as the Bream can't resist.

  4. Cruncha Crab (45mm, 70mm): The Cruncha Crab is a lifelike soft plastic lure that imitates the movement and appearance of a crab, a highly sought-after meal for Bream. Available in sizes of 45mm and 70mm, these lures feature realistic legs and claws that create lifelike movements in the water, enticing Bream to strike. Whether you're fishing in estuaries or freshwater systems, the Cruncha Crab is a reliable choice for targeting Bream.

  5. Deeptrix Painted Jig Heads (1/6oz): The Deeptrix Painted Jig Heads are perfect for presenting your soft plastic lures effectively and enticingly. These high-quality jig heads feature a precisely weighted 1/6oz design, allowing you to achieve optimal depth and control during your Bream fishing expeditions. With their sharp hooks and durable construction, these jig heads ensure secure hooksets and reliable performance when targeting Bream.

  6. Sakana SD40F: The Sakana SD40F is a versatile and reliable crankbait that can be effectively used to target Bream. This lure features a tight wobbling action and realistic finishes that imitate the movements of small baitfish. The Sakana SD40F's diving depth makes it perfect for exploring the Bream's preferred feeding zones. With its sharp treble hooks and quality construction, this crankbait is a must-have for any Bream angler.

With the Ultimate Bream Fishing Kit, you have all the essential tools to embark on exciting Bream fishing adventures. Whether you prefer using lifelike lures, soft plastics, or crankbaits, this bundle offers a comprehensive selection of gear tailored to the needs of Bream anglers. Upgrade your fishing experience and increase your chances of landing that trophy-sized Bream with this exceptional bundle. Tight lines and happy fishing!

Bream Bundle