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Accessories Bundle
Fishing Superstore AU

Accessories Bundle

SKU: accessories-bundle

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Austackle Head Wraps - Light Grey
Pocket Sized Waterproof 12pc Compartment Storage Container
Stainless Steel Lip Grips with Heavy Duty Split Ring Pliers
Afishlure Rod Sox's

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Introducing the Essential Accessories Bundle, a carefully curated collection of must-have fishing accessories designed to enhance your fishing experience. This bundle includes a range of essential items that will keep you organized, protected, and well-equipped for your fishing adventures. Let's dive into the details of each item included in this fantastic bundle:

  1. Afishlure Rod Soxs: The Afishlure Rod Soxs are practical and protective covers for your fishing rods. These durable and stretchable covers are designed to keep your rods safe from scratches, tangles, and damage during transport and storage. The Rod Soxs feature a snug fit and a secure closure system, ensuring your rods are protected from bumps and knocks. With their vibrant colors, these covers also make it easy to identify your rods at a glance.

  2. Pocket-Sized Waterproof Compartment Storage Case (12pc): The Pocket-Sized Waterproof Compartment Storage Case is a compact and versatile storage solution for your fishing accessories. With its waterproof design, this case keeps your valuables safe and dry, even in wet conditions. It features 12 compartments of various sizes, allowing you to organize and store hooks, swivels, weights, and other small items conveniently. This portable case easily fits in your pocket, tackle box, or fishing bag, ensuring you have easy access to your essentials on the go.

  3. Austackle Head Wraps: The Austackle Head Wraps are multifunctional accessories that offer protection and style. These versatile head wraps can be worn in various ways, such as a headband, neck gaiter, face mask, or beanie, providing protection from the sun, wind, and insects during your fishing trips. Made from breathable and moisture-wicking fabric, the Austackle Head Wraps offer comfort and protection while adding a touch of style to your outdoor adventures.

  4. Stainless Steel Lip Grips with Heavy-Duty Split Ring Pliers: The Stainless Steel Lip Grips with Heavy-Duty Split Ring Pliers are essential tools for handling and releasing fish safely. The lip grips feature a durable stainless steel construction with a non-slip grip handle, providing a secure hold on fish. The built-in heavy-duty split ring pliers allow you to quickly and effortlessly change or replace hooks. With these versatile tools, you can handle fish with ease and minimize harm to both yourself and the fish.

  5. 4" Bait Knife Eco: The 4" Bait Knife Eco is a reliable and practical tool for preparing bait on your fishing trips. This compact and lightweight knife features a sharp stainless steel blade that easily cuts through baitfish, squid, or other bait. The comfortable and textured handle provides a secure grip even when wet. With its compact size, the Bait Knife Eco is easy to carry and is a valuable addition to your fishing gear.

The Essential Accessories Bundle offers a comprehensive selection of accessories to enhance your fishing experience. From protecting and organizing your gear to ensuring your safety and convenience on the water, this bundle has you covered. Upgrade your fishing arsenal with this exceptional collection and enjoy a more organized and enjoyable fishing experience. Happy fishing!

Accessories Bundle