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Blanket Octopus Jig 60g 150mm

SKU: FSS604_1

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Introducing the Blanket Octopus Jig - Your Ultimate Soft Octopus Bait for Sea Fishing!

Dive into the world of sea fishing with our Soft Octopus Bait, the Blanket Octopus Jig. Crafted with precision and designed for optimal performance, this lure is a game-changer for anglers seeking a versatile and effective bait.


  • Multi-Sized Marvel: With a variety of sizes and colors, the Blanket Octopus Jig provides you the flexibility to choose the perfect match for your fishing needs. Whether you're targeting different species or adjusting to changing conditions, this lure has you covered.

  • Vivid Swimming Style: The lead head and soft body design deliver a lifelike swimming style that mimics natural prey, making it irresistible to a wide range of fish.

  • Luminous Allure: The luminous body and tentacles design add an extra element of attraction, enhancing visibility in various water conditions and increasing your chances of a successful catch.

  • Premium TPE Material: Made from high-quality TPE material, this soft octopus bait is not only durable but also anti-wear and resistant to biting, ensuring longevity in the face of tough underwater challenges.

  • Ink Tablet Inclusion: Mimicking the ingenious defense mechanism of real octopuses, the Blanket Octopus Jig comes with ink tablets. When deployed, these tablets release an enticing ink trail, adding a dynamic element to your lure presentation and attracting predatory fish in the vicinity.

Size Details:

  • Weight: 60g
  • Length: 15cm/5.91" (Approx.)

Versatility Unleashed: Suitable for various sea fishing activities, the Blanket Octopus Jig offers you a versatile and effective tool to elevate your angling experience. Whether you're a seasoned angler or just starting, this soft octopus bait is designed to bring success to your next fishing adventure.

Important Notes: Due to variations in light and screen settings, the item's color may slightly differ from the pictures. Please allow for slight dimension differences due to manual measurement.

Cast with confidence, and let the Blanket Octopus Jig, with its unique ink tablet feature, be your go-to lure for a thrilling sea fishing experience!