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Daiwa 21BG MQ 14000-H Reel

SKU: D22

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The Daiwa 21BG MQ 14000-H Spinning Reel is a high-quality and powerful fishing reel designed to handle the demands of big game fishing. Manufactured by Daiwa, a renowned brand in the fishing industry, this reel combines advanced features and durable construction to provide anglers with exceptional performance.

The 21BG MQ 14000-H boasts a robust and corrosion-resistant design, making it suitable for both freshwater and saltwater environments. Whether you're targeting large freshwater species or battling offshore monsters, this reel is built to handle the toughest challenges and provide the necessary power and reliability.

With its generous line capacity, the 14000-H size allows for substantial line spooling, accommodating the needs of anglers pursuing hard-fighting fish that require heavier line setups. This reel is ideal for saltwater big game fishing, allowing you to target species such as tuna, marlin, or sailfish.

Equipped with advanced technology, the 21BG MQ 14000-H reel features Daiwa's MagSealed technology. This innovative system utilizes magnetic oil to create a waterproof seal, preventing water and debris from infiltrating the reel's internal components. The MagSealed construction ensures smooth performance, extends the reel's lifespan, and provides reliable operation even in harsh saltwater conditions.

The reel incorporates a powerful drag system that allows you to apply significant pressure when fighting powerful fish. The precise and smooth drag operation ensures you have full control over the fight, allowing you to tire out and land even the most challenging species. The strong drag capability of the 14000-H reel is specifically designed to handle the hard runs and powerful surges of big game fish.

The 21BG MQ 14000-H reel features a high-quality ball bearing system that delivers smooth operation and reduces friction during retrieves. The ball bearings contribute to the overall efficiency of the reel, providing a seamless and responsive feel while reeling in your catch.

Designed with ergonomics in mind, the reel offers a comfortable grip and precise control. The handle is designed for optimal leverage, allowing you to exert the necessary power and retrieve line effortlessly, even during extended battles. The smooth operation and ergonomic features minimize fatigue, enabling you to fish comfortably for longer periods.

The Daiwa 21BG MQ 14000-H Spinning Reel is a top-tier fishing tool that provides the power, durability, and precision required for challenging big game fishing. Whether you're targeting large freshwater species or venturing offshore in pursuit of trophy saltwater fish, this reel delivers the performance and reliability necessary for successful angling adventures. Invest in this reel and elevate your fishing experience to new heights.

Features: ABS long cast /ATD drag / Metal alloy body /MQ body /New reel size line up. Specifications: Gear Ratio: 5.7:1 Bearings: 6+1 Max Drag: 20kg Line Capacity: PE 6/ 300m Item weight: 640g