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Daiwa Monster Brave Z Fluorocarbon #10-35lb-80m

SKU: D91

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Take your fishing game to new heights with the Daiwa High-Quality Fluoro Line, designed to conquer the challenge of reeling in monster bass from dense structures. This top-of-the-line fluorocarbon fishing line represents Daiwa's highest peak of fluorocarbon technology, meticulously engineered to deliver exceptional strength and performance.

Key Features:

  • Strong (lb.): 35: With a robust strength of 35 pounds, this fluorocarbon line provides the power and durability needed to handle the aggressive fights of monster bass.

  • Reference Number: No. 10: The reference number No. 10 indicates the line's specific size and diameter, ensuring optimal performance for targeting big bass.

  • Winding Thread Amount: 80m: This package contains a generous 80 meters of high-quality fluoro line, offering ample length for multiple fishing trips and versatile applications.

  • Technological Innovation - Surface Coating Strengthening: Daiwa has left no stone unturned in perfecting this fluorocarbon line. Through advanced technological innovation, the surface coating of the line is strengthened, significantly improving wear resistance and surface hardness.

  • Improved Knot Strength: The Daiwa High-Quality Fluoro Line boasts enhanced knot strength, providing anglers with the confidence that their knots will hold strong during intense battles with trophy fish.

  • Long-Lasting Transparency: Even with regular use, this fluorocarbon line maintains its transparency over time, ensuring that fish are less likely to detect the line, increasing your chances of successful strikes.

  • Parallel Winding DPLS: The line features parallel winding DPLS technology, providing smooth casting and effortless retrieval, allowing you to cover more water effectively.

The Daiwa High-Quality Fluoro Line is the ultimate fluorocarbon choice for dedicated anglers pursuing monster bass hidden within dense structures. Its superior strength, improved wear resistance, and long-lasting transparency make it a reliable companion for tackling the challenges of aggressive hooksets and sudden plunges during the fight. Elevate your fishing experience with this top-notch fluorocarbon line and increase your chances of landing that trophy bass you've been dreaming of.

Line Diameter: 0.520mm High Endurance Model 100% Fluorocrabon