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Daiwa TA MS LT Reel 1000

SKU: D82

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Introducing the Daiwa TA MS LT Spinning Reel, a true lightweight workhorse crafted by Daiwa to elevate your fishing experience to new heights. This remarkable reel is your go-to companion for all types of fishing adventures, from tranquil freshwater excursions to thrilling saltwater battles. Designed to withstand the harshest elements, the TA MS boasts a mag-sealed housing, offering superior protection against dust, salt, and water, ensuring its longevity and peak performance.

Packed with a plethora of cutting-edge Daiwa reel technologies, the TA MS leaves no room for compromise when it comes to performance. The Advanced Tournament Drag (ATD) system guarantees smooth and precise drag control, enabling you to tackle even the fiercest fish with confidence and finesse.

The Air Rotor system takes casting to the next level, providing a lightweight yet robust rotor that maximizes airflow for effortless casting and retrieval. No matter the fishing conditions, this reel ensures smooth and consistent operation, giving you an edge over your target species.

Crafted with precision, the TA MS boasts a machined aluminum screw-in handle, delivering optimal power and control during intense battles. Whether you're reeling in feisty freshwater gamefish or battling the giants of the deep, this reel proves its mettle in every situation.

Equipped with six ball bearings, the TA MS guarantees silky-smooth operation, reducing friction and providing a seamless angling experience. What sets it apart is its exceptional drag power, capable of handling 5kg in the 1k and 2k sizes, 10kg in the 3k size, and an impressive 12kg in the 4k size or higher. These impressive drag capacities make the TA MS a top choice for targeting larger and more formidable fish compared to other reels of similar sizes.

No matter your angling preferences or the size of your catch, the Daiwa TA MS LT Spinning Reel proves to be the ultimate companion for anglers seeking performance, durability, and versatility. Elevate your fishing game and embrace the power of this exceptional reel, designed to tackle the toughest challenges with ease. Dominate the waters, secure your prized trophies, and create unforgettable memories on every fishing expedition, thanks to the formidable Daiwa TA MS LT Spinning Reel.



Gear Ratio




Max drag(kg)


Line Recovery(cm)




Line capacity Mono(lb.-m)

2.5-200  3-150  4-100

Line capacity Braid(No.-m)

0.4-200  0.5-170  0.6-150