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Flathead Bundle
Fishing Superstore AU

Flathead Bundle

SKU: flathead-bundle

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Ringtail Minnow Soft Platic Tuffies
DeepTrix Painted Jig Heads 1-6oz 4pc
The Rippa Triple Clutch 130mm 14g
3.5" Soft Mullet Shad 6g 3D Eyes
Banana 90s 90mm 7g
Forked Tail Killa Vibe 21g 95mm
Heavy Duty Split Ring Pliers 130mm

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Introducing the Ultimate Flathead Fishing Kit, a carefully curated bundle of high-quality fishing gear designed to enhance your fishing experience and maximize your chances of catching the prized Flathead fish. Whether you're a seasoned angler or a beginner looking to dive into the world of fishing, this bundle has everything you need to reel in those Flatheads with confidence. Let's take a closer look at each item in this fantastic bundle:

  1. Diving Minnow Wobbler Fishing Lure (110mm, 11g): The Diving Minnow Wobbler Fishing Lure is a versatile and realistic bait that perfectly imitates the movements of a wounded baitfish, making it irresistible to Flathead fish. Its lifelike appearance and diving action will attract the attention of even the most wary fish. With its 110mm length and 11g weight, this lure is suitable for casting over a variety of distances and depths, ensuring you can target Flatheads in different fishing conditions.

  2. Forked Tail Killa Vibe (21g, 95mm): The Forked Tail Killa Vibe is a must-have lure for Flathead fishing enthusiasts. Its unique design and forked tail create an enticing swimming action that mimics the movement of a distressed baitfish. Made from durable materials, this 21g, 95mm lure is ideal for targeting larger Flatheads in both shallow and deeper waters. Its realistic color patterns and lifelike eyes further enhance its appeal to predatory fish.

  3. Flick Shrimp (100mm, 12g): The Flick Shrimp is a highly effective soft plastic lure that replicates the appearance and movement of a shrimp, a favored prey of Flathead fish. With its realistic shape and lifelike legs, this 100mm, 12g lure entices strikes from even the most finicky Flatheads. Its soft yet durable construction ensures it can withstand repeated use, making it an essential addition to your fishing arsenal.

  4. Ringtail Minnow Soft Plastic Tuffies: The Ringtail Minnow Soft Plastic Tuffies are a set of soft plastic lures designed to attract Flathead fish with their natural swimming motion and lifelike colors. These durable lures feature a ringtail design that creates subtle vibrations in the water, enticing nearby Flatheads to strike. The variety of colors included in this bundle ensures you have options to match the prevailing conditions and increase your chances of success.

  5. Deeptrix Painted Jig Heads (1/6oz): The Deeptrix Painted Jig Heads are perfect for presenting your soft plastic lures effectively and enticingly. These high-quality jig heads feature a precisely weighted 1/6oz design, allowing you to achieve optimal depth and control during your fishing expeditions. With their sharp hooks and durable construction, these jig heads ensure secure hooksets and reliable performance when targeting Flathead fish.

  6. Heavy-Duty Split Ring Pliers (130mm): The Heavy-Duty Split Ring Pliers are an essential tool for every angler. Measuring 130mm in length, these pliers provide the leverage and strength required to open and close split rings effortlessly. Whether you need to replace hooks or attach new lures, these pliers make the task quick and easy. Their robust construction ensures durability, making them a long-lasting addition to your fishing gear collection.

  7. Banana Boat 90: Banana 90s erratic action covers surface/subsurface water where actively feeding fish hunt.Retrieve with your rod tip down using short, sharp twitches to make the lure dive and suspend. Continue with short pauses to create a “walk the dog” action at the subsurface level. Longer pauses between twitches will see the lure rise to the surface like a failing baitfish. Keeping your rod tip up whilst continuing a twitch -pause retrieve will make the lure to dance across the surface.

With the Ultimate Flathead Fishing Kit, you have everything you need to embark on thrilling Flathead fishing adventures. Whether you prefer casting with lifelike lures or presenting soft plastics, this bundle offers a comprehensive selection of gear tailored to the needs of Flathead anglers. Upgrade your fishing experience and increase your chances of landing that prized Flathead with this exceptional bundle. Happy fishing!

Flathead Bundle