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Gizmo HD Spinnerbaits Fishing Lure

SKU: AUS48_1

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Gizmo HD Spinnerbaits
Murray Cod specialty
Gizmo HD series is the best Spinnerbait choice for Murray Cod, (and Yellowbelly if you like a lure with a large presentation).
Dressed with heavy duty hardware, it will stand up to the challenge of a meaty native Australian fish, and is balanced to swim perfectly every time.
Unlike solid ganged stinger hooks, a mobile assist style singer offers no leverage to the fish, making it much harder to shake free once hooked. The stinger buries itself inside the skirt to avoid snags. Flash decorates the hook to add a realistic scale effect.

Gizmo Spinnerbaits rigged with Tuffies soft plastics (optional extra)

  • Heavy duty wire and hooks, perfect for big fish
  • Unique, articulated swinging stinger with flash
  • UV skirt & or head
  • Best quality swivels and Mustad Hooks
  • 60+ strand silicon, replaceable skirts
  • Non-slip tow point. Use a clip or loop knot without any hassles of line traveling along the wire
  • Suited to both casting and trolling

Available in both 14g (1/2oz) and 28g (1oz)
Built tough for Aussie conditions!

Stockcodes 14 gram (1/2 oz)

  • 3SBHD1411 Gizmo HD Spinnerbait 14g Black & Gold / Gold Blonde
  • 3SBHD1412 Gizmo HD Spinnerbait 14g Striped Red / Striped Purple
  • 3SBHD1413 Gizmo HD Spinnerbait 14g Striped Red / Black
  • 3SBHD1414 Gizmo HD Spinnerbait 14g Green Cocktail
  • 3SBHD1415 Gizmo HD Spinnerbait 14g Black & Gold Stripe / Black
  • 3SBHD1416 Gizmo HD Spinnerbait 14g Purple / Black
  • 3SBHD1417 Gizmo HD Spinnerbait 14g Orange Sherbet
  • 3SBHD1418 Gizmo HD Spinnerbait 14g White & Striped White Silver


  • Stockcodes 28 gram (1 oz)
  • 3SBHD2811 Gizmo HD Spinnerbait 28g Black & Gold / Gold Blonde
  • 3SBHD2812 Gizmo HD Spinnerbait 28g Striped Red / Striped Purple
  • 3SBHD2813 Gizmo HD Spinnerbait 28g Striped Red / Black
  • 3SBHD2814 Gizmo HD Spinnerbait 28g Green Cocktail
  • 3SBHD2815 Gizmo HD Spinnerbait 28g Black & Gold Stripe / Black
  • 3SBHD2816 Gizmo HD Spinnerbait 28g Purple / Black
  • 3SBHD2817 Gizmo HD Spinnerbait 28g Orange Sherbet
  • 3SBHD2818 Gizmo HD Spinnerbait 28g White & Striped White Silver