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Mrs Pop Surface Popper 125mm 40g

SKU: FSS0272_3

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Mrs. Pop Surface Popper 125mm 40g Fishing Lure: Elevate Your Topwater Game

The Mrs. Pop Surface Popper is your go-to lure for conquering the waters in calm to medium conditions. Designed with precision and tailored for topwater excellence, this 125mm, 40g fishing lure is the ideal choice for those looking to entice the likes of GT and Tuna.

Key Features:

  • Elongated Profile: The Mrs. Pop Surface Popper boasts a medium-sized, elongated profile that excels in calm to moderately choppy waters. Its unique body shape is crafted to ride the waves and generate a sensational pop, thanks to its medium-sized cup.

  • Ideal for GT and Tuna: Whether you're targeting Giant Trevally (GT), Tuna, or other aggressive predators, this popper is a top performer. Its lifelike action and profile are irresistible to these formidable gamefish.

  • Perfect for Unsettled Conditions: Poppers shine in unsettled waters with a hint of surface movement. When the waves are alive with action, the Mrs. Pop Surface Popper is your ticket to a successful day on the water. Its captivating pops and splashes will draw attention from a distance.

  • Versatile Use: While this popper reigns supreme in choppy conditions, keep in mind that on those rare glassy days, you might want to consider switching to stick baits for optimal results.

  • Quality Construction: Crafted with precision and durability in mind, this lure is built to withstand the rigors of battling powerful fish. Its hooks are sharp and reliable, ensuring that you stay connected to your prize catch.

  • Day or Night: Whether you're fishing under the sun's warm embrace or the moon's gentle glow, the Mrs. Pop Surface Popper delivers exceptional results. Its versatility makes it a valuable addition to your tackle box.

In your pursuit of memorable fishing adventures, trust the Mrs. Pop Surface Popper 125mm 40g fishing lure to deliver unparalleled action and results. When the conditions are right, and the predators are lurking, this lure will rise to the occasion, making every cast count.