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Send It Wooden Stickbait 120g 245mm

SKU: FSS600_1

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The Send It Wooden Stickbait is a top-of-the-line fishing lure designed to deliver outstanding performance and versatility. Crafted with precision and expertise, this lure is specifically engineered to attract large predatory saltwater fish species. With its impressive weight and length, weighing 120g and measuring 245mm, this lure is perfect for targeting big game fish.

Constructed with utmost attention to detail, the Send It Wooden Stickbait showcases a durable wooden body. The high-quality wood material provides excellent buoyancy and durability, ensuring the lure withstands the harshest fishing conditions. The natural wood finish adds an authentic touch, mimicking the appearance of a distressed baitfish and enticing predatory fish to strike.

The Send It Stickbait's streamlined profile is designed for long-distance casting and precise control. Whether you're casting from the shore or a boat, this lure enables you to cover a large expanse of water and reach the desired feeding zones of your target fish.

Equipped with strong and sharp treble hooks, the Send It Wooden Stickbait ensures a solid hookset and reliable hooking power. The strategically positioned hooks maximize your chances of securely landing your catch.

One of the key features of this lure is its versatile swimming action. With its weighted design and ergonomic shape, the Send It Stickbait creates an alluring side-to-side swimming motion. This realistic action simulates the movements of an injured baitfish, triggering aggressive feeding responses from predatory fish. Whether you prefer a slow retrieve or a fast-paced retrieve, this lure produces an enticing presentation that lures in trophy-sized fish.

The Send It Wooden Stickbait excels in offshore fishing scenarios and is highly effective for targeting species such as tuna, kingfish, and other pelagic predators. Its exceptional craftsmanship, lifelike finish, and enticing swimming action make it a must-have lure for serious saltwater anglers seeking exhilarating big game fishing adventures.

Add the Send It Wooden Stickbait to your fishing arsenal and elevate your chances of landing that coveted trophy fish of a lifetime. With its exceptional performance and durable construction, this lure is sure to become your go-to choice for targeting large predatory saltwater species. Get ready to send it and reel in those epic catches!