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Shimano Activecast Surf Casting Reel 1060

SKU: S36

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Prepare to be amazed by its high casting prowess, effortlessly reaching distant targets with remarkable accuracy. Whether you're casting inshore or going for the long haul in surf fishing, this reel delivers superior casting distance, ensuring you cover more water and reach the elusive catches that lie beyond.

The inclusion of a titanium thread guide sets this reel apart from the rest, enhancing line control and minimizing friction, giving you the edge when it comes to smooth casting and retrieval. Say goodbye to line snags and tangles, as this reel ensures every cast is a seamless experience.

Innovation meets convenience with the lubricating plug on the outside, allowing you to easily maintain and keep your reel in peak condition. Keep your gear running smoothly, day in and day out, with hassle-free maintenance that ensures optimal performance throughout your fishing endeavors.

With a remarkable 4+1 bearing system, this reel delivers a silky-smooth operation that reduces friction and enhances sensitivity. Experience seamless retrieves and improved handling, making every fishing moment a joyous affair.

The recovery ratio of 3.8:1 empowers you to tackle different fishing scenarios with ease. Whether you're small trolling, bottom fishing, or going after larger game, this reel's versatile recovery ratio ensures you have the perfect tool for every angling adventure.

Constructed with a durable and lightweight aluminum spool, this reel ensures optimal casting and retrieval performance while remaining agile and responsive. The elongated spool opens up new possibilities for surf fishing, while its low recovery ratio makes it ideal for bottom fishing, ensuring you're equipped for a wide range of fishing styles.

Prepare to embrace a new level of fishing excellence with this unique and remarkable reel, designed for versatility and top-tier performance in every fishing scenario. From surf fishing to small trolling, this reel is your all-in-one solution, promising countless unforgettable moments on the water. Conquer the seas and reel in your dream catch with the only reel in its category that embodies innovation, precision, and the ultimate angling experience.