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Murray Cod Bundle
Fishing Superstore AU

Murray Cod Bundle

SKU: murray-cod-bundle

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Gizmo Crustaceans
Gizmo Spinnerbaits
Jointed Swimbait Fishing Lure 6pc Segmented 100mm 17.5g
Crank Frog Crankbait 63mm 10.5g
Thumper Whopper Popper 105mm 13.4g
Jointed Swimbait Fishing Lure 8 Segmented 135mm 19g [Colour: Blue Stripe]

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Introducing the Murray Cod Monster Kit, a meticulously curated selection of premium fishing gear tailored to conquer the challenge of capturing the formidable Murray Cod. Whether you're a seasoned angler seeking to triumph over this iconic Australian predator or a novice ready to embark on the adventure, this comprehensive bundle equips you with everything required to enhance your prospects of landing a trophy-worthy Murray Cod. Let's delve into the particulars of each item comprising this extraordinary ensemble:

Gizmo Crustaceans: Crafted to perfection, the Gizmo Crustaceans stand as lifelike soft plastic lures meticulously designed to emulate the appearance and movement of crustaceans – a delectable treat for Murray Cod. Exhibiting realistic legs and claws, these lures generate alluring motions and vibrations in the water, magnetizing the attention of Murray Cod. Adorned with vibrant hues and fortified construction, the Gizmo Crustaceans are an indispensable asset for any dedicated Murray Cod angler.

Thumper Whopper Popper Fishing Lure (105mm, 13.4g): The Thumper Whopper Popper Fishing Lure, measuring 105mm and weighing 13.4g, takes center stage in this ensemble. Engineered to entice Murray Cod into striking on the water's surface, this lure emulates the visage and movement of a frog – a natural delicacy for the Murray Cod. Featuring an entrancing popping action and lifelike finishes, it orchestrates an irresistible commotion, beckoning explosive strikes from these imposing predators.

Jointed Swimbait Fishing Lure (6pc, Segmented, 100mm): Comprising a set of six, this segmented Jointed Swimbait Fishing Lure mirrors the movements of distressed baitfish, marking itself as prime prey for Murray Cod. With a length of 100mm and a lifelike swimming motion, it activates the predatory instincts of the Murray Cod with precision. Enhanced by authentic color patterns and lifelike ocular features, these lures prove perfect for inducing substantial strikes.

Jointed Swimbait Fishing Lure (8 Segments): TheJointed Swimbait Fishing Lure, meticulously designed with eight segments, singularly aims to allure the Murray Cod. Its segmented construction facilitates a lifelike swimming trajectory akin to an injured baitfish, effectively captivating the Murray Cod prowling in freshwater realms. Durable and adorned with authentic finishes, this lure stands as a dependable choice when pursuing these tenacious adversaries.

Crank Frog Crankbait (63mm, 10.5g): The Crank Frog Crankbait stands as a distinctive offering within this ensemble – a fusion of the captivating motion of a crankbait and the visage of a frog. Boasting measurements of 63mm in length and 10.5g in weight, this lure orchestrates a veritable frog-like swimming dance that captivates the Murray Cod's senses. Enhanced by lifelike pigments and finishes, it remains an exceptional selection for targeting Murray Cod in vegetated areas or near structures.

Gizmo Spinnerbaits: The Murray Cod Monster Kit encompasses the versatile Gizmo Spinnerbaits – a proven option to allure Murray Cod. These spinnerbaits unite blades, skirts, and authentic baitfish profiles to generate flashes and vibrations that mesmerize Murray Cod across various fishing terrains. Fortified by robust craftsmanship and superior components, the Gizmo Spinnerbaits are integral assets within your Murray Cod fishing arsenal.

With the Murray Cod Monster Kit, you're bestowed with an all-inclusive assortment that empowers your pursuit of exhilarating Murray Cod fishing ventures. Whether you favor lifelike lures, topwater allure, or the finesse of spinnerbaits, this bundle proffers a holistic array of equipment, impeccably tailored to cater to the requisites of Murray Cod enthusiasts. Elevate your angling experience and amplify your likelihood of securing that legendary Murray Cod with this exceptional amalgamation. Wishing you tight lines and gratifying fishing escapades!

Murray Cod Bundle