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Afishlure Rod Sox's


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The Afishlure Rod Sox is a practical and protective accessory designed to keep your fishing rods safe during transport and storage. This fishing rod sleeve offers a reliable solution for anglers who want to protect their valuable fishing equipment from scratches, tangles, and other potential damage.

Crafted with high-quality materials, the Afishlure Rod Sox provides excellent durability and protection for your fishing rods. The sleeve is made from a stretchable and breathable fabric that snugly fits over the rod, keeping it secure and preventing accidental bumps or scratches.

The Rod Sox is designed to accommodate various rod lengths and sizes, making it versatile for different types of fishing rods. It features a stretchable design that allows it to expand and conform to the shape of your rod, ensuring a snug fit and easy application. The flexible nature of the sleeve makes it suitable for both casting rods and spinning rods.

The Rod Sox's fabric construction also offers benefits beyond protection. The breathable material allows for airflow, which helps prevent moisture build-up and potential damage caused by damp conditions. It also helps prevent the collection of dirt and debris, keeping your rod clean and ready for action.

With its vibrant color options, the Rod Sox adds a touch of style to your fishing gear. Choose from a range of colors that suit your preferences and showcase your personality on the water.

The Afishlure Rod Sox is not only practical but also convenient to use. It features an easy-to-use elastic band at one end, allowing for quick and secure attachment to your fishing rod. The sleeve can be easily slipped on or off, providing hassle-free access to your rod when you're ready to fish.

Whether you're storing your rods in a rod locker, transporting them in a vehicle, or simply keeping them organized in your garage, the Afishlure Rod Sox is a valuable accessory to have. It offers peace of mind and ensures that your fishing rods remain in top condition for years to come.

Protect your investment and maintain the longevity of your fishing rods with the Afishlure Rod Sox Fishing Rod Sleeve. Embrace the convenience, style, and functionality it provides, and enjoy worry-free fishing adventures knowing your rods are well-protected.

170cm Long
Mesh PET material is breathable and won't retain water.
Built-in ring for convenient hanging on your bracket.
Outwardly folded collar at handle end for quick removal.
Expandable and flexible for easy-on and easy-off.
Heat resistance up to 120℃.

Material: PET
Color: Black / Black & Blue / Black & Green / Black & Red / Black & White / Green & Yellow / Army Green / Orange / Red / Purple 

Width: 3.0cm - 6cm / 1.1in - 2.4in
Working Temperature: Max. 120℃
Weight: Approx. 40-47g