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Small 12pc Compartment Waterproof Storage Container

SKU: FSS462_1

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The Small 12pc Compartment Waterproof Storage Container is an essential accessory for any angler looking to keep their fishing tackle organized and protected. This durable and practical storage container is designed to keep your small fishing accessories secure, dry, and easily accessible.

Constructed with high-quality materials, the storage container features a sturdy and waterproof design. This ensures that your valuable fishing gear remains safe from water damage, even in wet conditions. Whether you're fishing in freshwater or saltwater environments, this container will keep your tackle dry and in optimal condition.

The storage container is equipped with 12 individual compartments, allowing you to organize your small fishing accessories with ease. From hooks, sinkers, swivels, and other terminal tackle, each compartment provides a separate space to keep your gear neatly sorted and readily available. No more digging through a tangled mess of tackle to find the right item - everything has its designated place.

With its compact size, the storage container is highly portable and can easily fit in your tackle bag or backpack. This makes it convenient to bring along on fishing trips, ensuring that you have all your essential small tackle items within reach.

The secure locking mechanism ensures that the compartments stay closed and prevents accidental spillage of your fishing gear. The transparent lid allows for quick and easy identification of the contents, saving you time and frustration while on the water.

The Small 12pc Compartment Waterproof Storage Container is not limited to fishing tackle alone. It can also be used to store small items such as jewelry, beads, screws, or other small parts that require organization and protection from moisture.

Invest in this practical and reliable storage container to keep your small fishing accessories in order and in excellent condition. Say goodbye to tangled hooks and scattered tackle, and embrace the convenience and peace of mind that comes with a well-organized tackle system. With the Small 12pc Compartment Waterproof Storage Container, you can focus more on fishing and less on searching for your gear.


Length: 160mm - 16cm

Width: 90mm - 9cm

Height: 40mm - 4cm

Compartments: 12